State Categories

The MDTA State Championships features 7 dance team dance categories and a soloist category. The 7 dance team categories, click on a category name below to learn the specifics and see the scoresheets for each category:

  1. Pom Pon
  2. Kick
  3. Lyrical Jazz
  4. Precision Jazz
  5. Mix
  6. Prop
  7. Hip Hop


Maximum performing time is 2 minutes 15 seconds. Teams will walk onto the floor to their beginning formation and will exit the performing area after the conclusion of their routine. TIMING will begin with the first note of music and will end with the final note of music.


Maximum prop set up time is 2 ½ minutes. Set up time begins when a prop or person crosses the basketball boundary line. It ends when the last person crosses the basketball boundary line. All team members must exit the floor after set up to stop the setup timing. At that time teams will be announced to take the floor for their performance.




The competition is open to all Varsity team members who are competing in the team state competition.  There will be a maximum of 200 performers for the evening.

All soloists must abide by NFHS and MSHSAA Rules.  These rules will be enforced and penalties will be assessed for violations.  This includes the costume modesty policy.

The routine time limit for the competition is 1 ½ minutes.  Penalties will be assessed for routines that are longer in length.

Music must be compliant with the new rules set forth by MDTA.





There are three groups of judges involved in the MDTA State Competition. The first set of judges are the Choreography Judges, These individuals evaluate the overall routine for technique and execution. The Compatibility Judges assess a routine in terms of required elements for the category. If they deem that a required element is missing a penalty will be assessed. Lastly, the Safety Judges consider if a routine adheres to the safety guidelines set forth by the National Federation of High Schools and MSHSAA. If these judges determine there has been a violation, a penalty is assessed.